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Throughout the country, state parks, historic sites, museums, and similar institutions are struggling to continue operating. Because of general financial problems, many of these institutions are operating on a reduced schedule or in danger of closing. Some are being forced to sell off artifacts and property. Many will not weather these hard times without your help.

Places Earth urges everyone to support these vital and important public resources any way you can. Please donate your treasure, time, and talent. Write to your governor and other elected officials telling them to find a way to keep state parks open. It will be your loss.

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Road Trips

These pages are a collection of words and pictures of road trips to places in the United States. These articles link to other pages for more detailed information. These pages sometimes include drawings, maps, directions, and hours, all to help you find places to visit and inform you of why these places may be of historical significance.

Select a Road Trip State, Provence, District, Territory, or Region below.

Places Page

Places pages are a collection of words and pictures of places on Earth, occasionally places that no longer exist. These pages sometimes include drawings, maps, directions, and hours, all to help you find places to visit and inform you of why these places may be of historical significance.
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We often take road trips on the weekend throughout Southern California and the rest of the West. In these pages, I will write on some of these trips. In some cases, I will combine elements from several trips to the same area into one proposed trip. In most cases, a page dedicated to one road trip will link to other pages, each featuring an individual stop along that road trip.

The intention, in part, is to help you plan your own road trips.

California or partly in California

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  1. All for Alameda, 2010
  2. Astrogazing in Alpine, 2007
  3. Borax - Barstow, 2004
  4. Bouncing in Barstow, 2010
  5. Beyond Barstow - Amboy Crater to Mitchell Caverns, 2005
  6. Central Coast: A Castle, a Rock, and Bubble Gum, 2005
  7. A Christmas Pilgrimage to the Missions, 2003
  8. Christmas at the Castle, 2011
  9. Death Valley, 2006
  10. Eastern Sierras to Reno and Western Nevada, 2006
  11. Eastern Sierras and Yosemite, 2008
  12. Eastern Sierras, 2009
  13. Gardens and Missions, 2007
  14. Garlic and Missions, 2009
  15. The Gold Country, 2007
  16. Joshua Tree National Park to Anza-Borrego State Park, 2017
  17. Journey to the State of Jefferson, 2008
  18. Journey to the State of Jefferson, 2009
  19. West Kern County and East San Louis Obispo County, 2017
  20. Lodi, 2004
  21. Easter Trip to Lodi, 2005
  22. Minnesota Trip, 1988 - updated
  23. Monterey, 2007
  24. Klamath Falls and Area, 2003
  25. Oh Hi to Santa Paula, 2012
  26. Palm Springs, 2005
  27. Passage to Paso Robles, 2005
  28. Pumpkins and Adobe, 2008
  29. San Diego, 2005
  30. San Diego, 2006
  31. San Diego, 2007
  32. San Diego, 2008
  33. San Diego, 2011
  34. San Diego, 2015
  35. San Diego, 2016 - *** Most Recent
  36. Three Days of the Sequoia, 2011
  37. Taking it Slow in SLO, 2010
  38. Santa Barbara, 2004
  39. Sepulveda Boulevard, 2004
  40. Trip to Trona, 2005
  41. Tropico to Calico, 2004
  42. Wilshire Boulevard, 2006
  43. A Wine Free Trip Through the Wine Country, 2004
  44. A Wine Free Trip Through the Wine Country - the Next Year, 2005
  45. Big Trees, Big Waterfalls, Big Rocks, Small Valley - Yosemite, 2007
  46. Yumping for Yuma, 2005
  47. Yumping for Yuma, Again, 2009
  48. Utah, 2008

Outside California

  1. Adventure to Alaska, 2007
  2. Amblin' Through Arizona, the Sweet Heart State, 2009
  3. Death Valley, 2006
  4. Eastern Sierras to Reno and Western Nevada, 2006
  5. Flyin' to Florida, 2007
  6. Holiday in Hawaii, 2009
  7. Journey to the State of Jefferson, 2008
  8. Klamath Falls and Area, 2003
  9. Louisiana and Texas, 2009
  10. Minnesota Trip, 1988 - updated
  11. Mission Hunting in Texas, 2008
  12. Utah, 2008
  13. Yumping for Yuma, 2005
  14. Yumping for Yuma, Again, 2009

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