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These pages are a collection of words and pictures of places in the United States, occasionally place that no longer exist. This site is not just a collection of photos, but also information about the places. These pages sometimes include drawings, maps, directions, and hours, all to help you find places to visit and inform you of why these places may be of historical significance. Because these photograph are used for reference for design work, they often include details.

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Road Trips
Road Trips is a collection of travel articles.

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Please note: This web site was launched in early November 2004.
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This web site was created for non-commercial purposes, for your enjoyment and education, and to help you plan your own visits to these sites. Occasionally I am contacted to buy an image. Should you wish to buy a larger copy of any of these images, for personal use or display, to use in publications, or for research purposes, please visit Kenneth A. Larson Images. Please note, not all images are available for sale. Many of the sites shown in these web pages prohibit photography for commercial purposes. Therefore, while I can show these photos for your enjoyment and education, and to help you plan your own trip, I can not sell some photos. I can charge an hourly research fee and costs. Also note that occasionally a photo is not sufficient quality to sell because of a focus problem or unsteady camera. These photos still look acceptable at low resolution for this web site, but would not look good enlarged. If you need a photo and the quality is sufficient and I am not restricted in selling the image, then specifically note where the image is (web page and location on page) and subject, and send an E-mail to

To order a photo, visit Kenneth A. Larson Images for terms, prices, and ordering information. Then send an e-mail describing the web page the image is on, subject, image location on the page, description, and caption. If in doubt, I will e-mail you a thumbnail copy to verify. This may seem a bit cumbersome, but the photos on these pages are not generally offered for sale.

Select images are specifically included at the Kenneth A. Larson Images web site. You might check these pages first.

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