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National Parks Under Attack
This Web site doesn't like to take political stands, but now it is necessary.

The current administration wants to reduce the size and number of National Monuments and allow oil drilling and mining in National Parks for the first time since the system was established. If you prefer trees and streams to oil wells and pipelines, contact your representatives in Washington NOW and tell them to protect these Crown Jewels of America.

Places Earth extends sympathies and hopes to both the people fighting to restore their lives in Puerto Rica and to those who’s lives have been taken or disrupted by the shooting in Las Vegas. Also to hurricane victims in Texas, Florida, and other areas of the Gulf region. Also to the fire victims in California. So many disasters in short time, all made worse by climate change.

State Parks, Historic Sites, and Museums need your help.

Throughout the country, state parks, historic sites, museums, and similar institutions are struggling to continue operating. Because of general financial problems, many of these institutions are operating on a reduced schedule or in danger of closing. Some are being forced to sell off artifacts and property. Many will not weather these hard times without your help.

Places Earth urges everyone to support these vital and important public resources any way you can. Please donate your treasure, time, and talent. Write to your governor and other elected officials telling them to find a way to keep state parks open. It will be your loss.

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Discovery Cube

All photographs taken by Kenneth A. Larson. All rights reserved. © 2016 - 2017.

The Discovery Cube, founded 1998, is a hands-on science center, primarily for children and those interested in learning. The Mission Statement is, "We INSPIRE and EDUCATE young minds through engaging SCIENCE-BASED programs and exhibits to create a meaningful IMPACT on the COMMUNITIES we serve." The center includes two floors and a small outdoor area. There is also a stand-alone theater showing current movies. Inside are numerous exhibits such as how a geyser or a tornado work, space, the science of Hockey, a child-size grocery store for learning about managing a household, recycling. A small theater shows short films such as penguins. There are several simulators.

There is another Discovery Cube in Los Angeles.

10:00 AM - 5:00 PM daily
except for Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.
Verify with the center

2500 N Main Street
Santa Ana, CA 92705
Adjacent to the I-5 Freeway

Simulated geyser.

Simulated tornado.

Cube Cube
Rocket engine Rocket engine Rocket engine
Rocket engine inside the cube.

Dino Gym Dino Gym
This dinosaur gym gives children a place to play while also learning.
Dino Gym Dino Gym
Balls blowing through tubes teach about blood circulating.
Dino Gym
Dino Gym.
Dino Gym
A dig area.

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Temporary Dinosaur Exhibit (now moved on) in the summer of 2016. The museum often hosts traveling exhibits. Dinosaurs

Omeisaurus Omeisaurus
Omeisaurus Omeisaurus (Oh-My-ee-SAWR-us) meaning Mount Emei lizard. From Western China during Late Jurassic about 160 million years ago. Size: 65.6 feet long, 7,900 pounds.

Alxasaurus Alxasaurus (ALL-shuh-SAWR-us) meaning Alxa Desert Lizard. From Mongolia during Early Cretaceous about 120 million years ago. Size: 12 feet long, 880 pounds.

Amargasaurus Amargasaurus (ah-MAR-guh_SAWR-us) meaning La Amarga (Bitter) Lizard. From Argentina during the Early Cretaceous about 125-103 million years ago. Size: 33 feet ong, 13 feet tall, 15,400 pounds.
Amargasaurus Amargasaurus

Carnotaurus (CAR-no-TORE-us) meaning Meat Eating Bull. From Argentina during the Late Cretaceous about 70 million years ago. Size: 25 feet long, 13 feet high, 2,000 pounds.

Dilophosauru Dilophosaurus (die-LOF-uh-SAWR-us) meaning Two-crested Lizard. From Western USA and possibly China during the early Jurassic about 200-190 million years ago. Size: 20 feet long, 5 feet high, 660-1,000 pounds.

Dyoplosaurus Dyoplosaurus
Dyoplosaurus (die-op-low-SAWR-us) meaning Double-armored lizard. From Alberta and Montana during Late Cretaceous about 76 million years ago. Size: 23 feet long, 6 feet high, 4,400 pounds. The last 5o inches of the tail is a club.

Kosmoceratops Kosmoceratops
Kosmoceratops Kosmoceratops (KOZ-mo-SARA-tops) meaning Ornate horned face. From Utah during the Late Cretaceous about 76.4-75.5 million years ago. Size: 16 feet long, 6 feet high, 5,500 pounds.

Microraptor Microraptor (MY-krow_RAP-ter) meaning Small thief. From Liaoning Provence, China during Early Cretaceous about 125 million years ago. Size: 16 inches long, 2.3 pounds.

Pachycephalosaurus Pachycephalosaurus
Pachycephalosaurus (pak-ee-SEF-uh-lo-SAWR-us) meaning Thick-headed lizard. From Montana, South Dakota, and Wyoming during Late Cretaceous about 67 million years ago. Size: 16 feet long, 10 feet high, 1,000 pounds.

Parasaurolophus Parasaurolophus
Parasaurolophus (PAIR-uh-so-ROL-uh-PHUS) meaning Close to crested lizard. From New Mexico, Utah, Alberta during Late Cretaceous about 72 million years ago. Size: 40 feet long, 10 feet, 4,000 pounds. Parasaurolophus
Sinosauropteryx Sinosauropteryx (SIGN-no-SAWR-OP-ter-ix) meaning Chinese Winged lizard. From Liaoning Provence, China during Early Cretaceous about 125 million years ago. Size: 3 feet long, nose to tail.
Spinosaurus Spinosaurus
Spinosaurus (SPY-nuh-SAWR-us) meaning Spine lizard. From Egypt and Morocco during Late Cretaceous about 112-97 million years ago. Size: 40 feet long, 14 feet high, 14,000 pounds.
Spinosaurus Spinosaurus
Styracosaurus Styracosaurus
Styracosaurus(stih-RAK-uh-SAWR-us) meaning Spiked lizard. From Alberta, Canada during the Late Cretaceous about 76.5-75 million years ago. Size: 17 feet long, 9 feet high, 6,000 ponds.
Triceratops Triceratops
Tuojlangosaurus Tuojlangosaurus
Tuojlangosaurus (Twah-jeeyong-oh-sawr-us) meaning Tuo River lizard. From Sichuan Provence, China during Late Jurassic about 168 million years ago. Size: 23 feet long, 7.2 meters high, 8,800 pounds. Tuojlangosaurus
Tyrannosaurus rex Tyrannosaurus rex
Tyrannosaurus rex (tuh-RAN-uh-SAWR-us rex) meaning King of the Tyrant lizards. From Alberta, Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, Wyoming during Late Cretaceous about 67-65 million years ago. Size: 42 feet long, 13 feet high, 13,200 pounds.
Tyrannosaurus rex Tyrannosaurus rex
Tyrannosaurus rex.
Tyrannosaurus rex
Tyrannosaurus rex in background, Velociraptor forground.
Tyrannosaurus rex
Tyrannosaurus rex in forground, Velociraptor background.
Velociraptor Velociraptor (vuh-LOSS-ih-RAP-ter) meaning Swift thief. From Mongolia during Late Cretaceous about 75 million years ago. Size: 6.5 feet long, 20 inches high, about 33 pounds.
Olorotitan Olorotitan
Olorotitan (oh-LOW-roe-tie-tan) meaning Giant swan. From Russia during Late Cretaceous about 70-65.5 million years ago. Size: 33-39 feet long, 16 feet high, 11,000 pounds.

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