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Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County - Dinosaur Hall
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Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County - Dinosaur Hall

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The future Dinosaur Hall in July 2010, one year before opening.
Visitors begin with this Triceratops, one of the most complete on display, actually, half of this Triceratops is made of real fossils, but from four different individuals found in Wyoming and Montana. It is extremely rare to find a complete skeleton.

Fruitadens, the smallest dinosaur in North America. In the same exhibit is Mamenchisaurus, a sauropod almost 100 feet long and a Thescelosaurus neglectus, a dinosaur about the size of an osterage. The exhibit shows the variation in size.

Plotosaurus bennisoni, a marine reptile.

Finding embryos and hatchlings tells us which dinosaur laid the eggs.

This glass covered floor display shows tracks.

This herbivore, Camptosaurus dispar, walked on two legs but could also walk on four legs.
Just at the left edge is a Carnotaurus sastrec, found in Argentina. Lived 70-66 million years ago. A carnivore with tiny hands.

A unique display is this of the Tyrannosaurus rex of three ages, about 2 or 3 years, 14 years, and 17 years. Thomas, the oldest is not yet an adult. An adult T-rex has been in the Museum Foyer for many years.
The brown skeleton is the 14 year old T-rex, the gray is Thomas. The two-year-old is below Thomas in the right image.

Thomas, T-rex, 17 year-old sub-adult.

Einiosaurus procurvicornis, a ceratopsian, 83-70 million years ago, specimen found in Montana.

This exhibit shows how birds evolved from Dinosaurs. Struthiominus, bird-like dinosaur at center.

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