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National Parks Under Attack
This Web site doesn't like to take political stands, but now it is necessary.

The current administration wants to reduce the size and number of National Monuments and allow oil drilling and mining in National Parks for the first time since the system was established. If you prefer trees and streams to oil wells and pipelines, contact your representatives in Washington NOW and tell them to protect these Crown Jewels of America.

Places Earth extends sympathies and hopes to both the people fighting to restore their lives in Puerto Rica and to those who’s lives have been taken or disrupted by the shooting in Las Vegas. Also to hurricane victims in Texas, Florida, and other areas of the Gulf region. Also to the fire victims in California. So many disasters in short time, all made worse by climate change.

State Parks, Historic Sites, and Museums need your help.

Throughout the country, state parks, historic sites, museums, and similar institutions are struggling to continue operating. Because of general financial problems, many of these institutions are operating on a reduced schedule or in danger of closing. Some are being forced to sell off artifacts and property. Many will not weather these hard times without your help.

Places Earth urges everyone to support these vital and important public resources any way you can. Please donate your treasure, time, and talent. Write to your governor and other elected officials telling them to find a way to keep state parks open. It will be your loss.

Public Service Announcement

Film Los Angeles - bring Hollywood back to Hollywood
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All photographs taken by Kenneth A. Larson. All rights reserved. © 2005 - 2017.

Hollywood has been both myth and reality for millions of people throughout the world for almost one hundred years. The heart of mythical Hollywood is a stretch of Hollywood Boulevard between La Brea on the west and Gower on the east, centering at Highland Boulevard. The west is anchored at the famed Grauman's Chinese Theatre and the east at the world famous intersection of Hollywood and Vine. This stretch is often called the "Walk of Fame" and is now served by two Metro Stations. The sidewalks are lined with bronze stars dedicated to Tinsel Town's legendary figures from movies, radio, television, and recording. There are several museums along this stretch of Hollywood Boulevard, including Hollywood Wax Museum, The Hollywood Guinness World of Records Museum , Ripley's Believe It or Not! ® Hollywood Museum, Erotic Museum, Hollywood Entertainment Museum, The Hollywood Motion Picture Collection, and about a half mile north of the Boulevard, the Hollywood Heritage Museum (The DeMille Barn at 2100 N. Highland Blvd., Hollywood, CA. / (323) 874-2276 or (323) 874-4005). A few steps further north is the famous Hollywood Bowl. The iconic Hollywood Sign can be seen through almost any gap between buildings. A half mile south is Sunset Boulevard and at the corner of Sunset and Cherokee is Crossroads of the World, considered by some to be Los Angeles's first shopping center. See also Hollywood Tower Hotel about a mile north. An estimated 10 million tourists come to Hollywood Boulevard each year.

To find Hollywood Boulevard and Hollywood Walk of Fame:
Going north on the Hollywood (101) Freeway, take the Hollywood Boulevard exit, then go west on Hollywood Boulevard a mile and a half.
Going south on the Hollywood (101) Freeway, take the Highland Avenue exit and go south about a mile.
From the west, take any major street east to La Brea and turn left. Turn right onto Hollywood Boulevard.
From the east, take any major street west to Vine and turn right. Turn left onto Hollywood Boulevard.
If you are coming from Outer Space, look for the bright lights.

On a clear day, you can see forever, but most days, it's hard to see Hollywood from the Griffith Observatory a few miles above.

Hollywood as viewed from Barnsdall Art Park in July 2017.

Holywood Boulevard
Holywood Boulevard, decorated for the Holidays. Photo Date: 1-1-05.
Holywood Boulevard
Holywood Boulevard, decorated for the Holidays. Photo Date: 1-1-05.
Street Art
Free-form Street Art. Photo Date: 1-1-05.
Holywood Boulevard
Holywood Boulevard, decorated for the Holidays. Photo Date: 1-1-05.
Ornate Building
Photo Date: 1-1-05.
Ornate Building
Photo date: 1-1-05.
Hollywood is filled with ornate buildings from the 1920s and 1930s.
Ornate Building
Photo Date: 1-1-05.
Ornate Building
Photo Date: 1-1-05.

Hollywood Tower Hotel.

Building detail.

Tower on Hollywood Blvd.
Building at Hollywood and Vine
Taft Building at Hollywood and Vine. Photo Date: 1-1-05.
Building at Hollywood and Vine.
Building at Hollywood and Vine.
Capital Records
Capital Records in a building shaped like a stack of records. Photo Date: 1-1-05.
Hollywood Sign
Hollywood Sign. Photo Date: 1-1-05.
Roosevelt Hotel. Roosevelt Hotel.
Roosevelt Hotel is a popular and historic hotel. Photo Date: 1-1-05.

Church at Highland Boulevard and Franklan. Photo Date: 1-1-05.
First Baptist Church
A block south of Hollywood Boulevard is this classic "anywhere" church, First Baptist Church. Photo Date: 1-1-05.
Northeast corner of Hollywood and Cherokee.

Memphis, on Hollywood Boulevard.

Another building on Hollywood Boulevard.

Walk of Fame

Smothers Brothers

John Ritter

Apollo 11, among the most watched TV in history.

Ronald Reagan, movie and TV star, US President.

Walt Disney.

Glen A. Larson (producer/singer and no relation to this author).

Bob Newhart.


The Erotic Museum The Erotic Museum
The Erotic Museum. Photo Date: 1-1-05.
Hollywood Wax Museum, one of the oldest museums in Hollywood.

Hollywood Wax Museum.

The Hollywood Museum occupies the old Max Factor Cosmetics building on Highland, a few hundred feet south of famed Hollywood Boulevard. Within the four floors are reported to be 10,000 "real Showbiz Treasures." The ground floor is mostly dedicated to cosmetics, divided by hair color. Also there is a space capsule from Planet of the Apes and other exhibits. The walls of one long room are covered with photographs of what must be every major name from the heydays of Hollywood. The basement fittingly is devoted to Egypt in films such as Cleopatra and Indiana Jones. The second floor opens into an impressive series of displays on Marilyn, then May West, to Streisand. Backing out along the other side were exhibits to Elvis among others. The third floor opens with an exhibit of costumes from Moulin Rouge, several female impersonators, a model from It's a Mad Mad World, and smaller bits of memorabilia. Personally I was hoping for more history and less celebrity, but if you are looking for exhibits on celebrities, you will be quite pleased with this museum.
Hollywood Museum on Highland.
Hollywood Museum on Highland.
Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum.

Guinness Records Museum.

Food and Restaurants

Pig 'N Whistle
Pig 'N Whistle. One of Hollywood's classic restaurants. Photo Date: 1-1-05.

Pig 'N Whistle sign.

Pig 'N Whistle ceiling.

Pig 'N Whistle tile.

Pig 'N Whistle front.
Musso and Frank, another classic Hollywood restaurant.

Musso and Frank.
Juices Fountain served wonderful juice drinks until forced to close for urban redevelopment.

Schwabs Restaurant.

Metro Stations

The Metro Red Line has two stations aloang Hollywood Boulevard, one at Vine and another at Highland beneith the new Hollywood and Highland complex. A third station at Hollywood and Western is two miles east of the Walk of Fame.
Hollywood and Vine Metro Station
Hollywood and Vine Metro Station. Photo Date: 1-1-05.

Hollywood and Vine Metro Station. Photo Date: 1-1-05.

"Brown Derby" icon at Metro Station at Hollywood and Vine. Photo Date: 1-1-05.

Metro Station at Hollywood and Highland. Photo date: 1-1-05.

Theaters of on or near Hollywood Boulevard

El Capitan El Capitan
El Capitan, one of the oldest classic theaters of Hollywood. Photo Date: 1-1-05.
El Capitan El Capitan
El Capitan on Hollywood Boulevard. Photo Date: 1-1-05.
Grauman's Egyptian Theatre was built in 1922 for Sid Grauman's theater chain, inspired by the discovery of King Tutankhamen's tomb. Now home to The American Cinematheque. It has been recently restored/renovated incluidng the ticket booth and four massive 4-1/2 foot columns, rising to a height of 20 feet.
Address: 6712 Hollywood Boulevard, Hollywood, CA 90028.
Grauman's Egyptian Theatre Grauman's Egyptian Theatre
Grauman's Egyptian Theatre. Photo Date: 1-1-05.
Grauman's Chinese Theatre
Built for Sid Grauman's theater chain. Sid Grauman invented the idea of the grand movie premiere, and developed the idea of putting the stars footprints in cement, beginning in 1927 with Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks and Norma Talmadge. Recently, there were about 173 star prints in the theater forecourt, and the remaining empty space is filling, so the honor is now reserved solely for a few Hollywood superstars.The Chinese Theatre is located on the north side of Hollywood Boulevard, just west of Highland Boulevard. The forecourt is open free of charge to visitors.
Graumans Chinese Theatre Grauman's Chinese Theatre
Grauman's Chinese TheatrePhoto Date: 1-1-05.
PacificTheater PacificTheater
PacificTheater on Hollywood Boulevard. Photo Date: 8-26-06.
Pantages Theater
PantagesTheater. Photo Date: 1-1-05.
American Cinematheque
American Cinematheque, former Egyptian.
Montalban Theatre
Montalban Theatre.
The Cinerama Theater was unique when built and still a landmark.

Hollywood and Highland

Hollywood & Highland is an unusually descriptive and non-romantic name for the newest landmark in Hollywood, appropriately located at the corner of Hollywood Boulevard and Highland Boulevard. In recent years, the core of Hollywood has been declining and this new project is intended to improve the image and bring now economic opportunities to the area. The project occupies almost two city blocks in the heart of Hollywood extending west from Highland to Orange Drive where a symbolic small orange grove will be located.
Major points of interest at Hollywood & Highland include:
The Kodak Theatre, a 136,000 square foot theatre which will be the first permanent home of the Academy Awards show. The first Oscar Night was held at the Roosevelt Hotel across the street. It will be the world's only live broadcast theatre.
The Grand Ballroom.
The Hollywood Motion Picture Collection, a museum with movie memorabilia, including 3,000 costumes, furniture pieces and entire sets from movies spanning half a century. This 20,000 square foot museum is made from actress Debbie Reynolds' personal collection of.
Restaurants and night clubs.
Exclusive retail shops.
The Renaissance Hollywood Hotel.
A MetroRail subway station is located beneath with an entrance onto Hollywood Boulevard.
It is built around Grauman's Chinese Theatre.


This block of old established small business was taken by eminent domain. These shops were forced to close to make way for a new hotel. The merchants fought this questionable process but lost and these successful businesses will close forever simply because someone else wanted the land.

The Jouces Fountain elsewhere on this page also closed for this reason.
Bernard Luggage was promised a space in the new building.
Bernard Luggage was promised a space in the new building.

Bernard Luggage.

Home Savings Mural

Former Home Savings, then Former Washington Mutual, now Chase. On Sunset Boulevard.
Hollywood theme staiun glass and murals.
Sculpture at corner in forecourt of the bank.

Crossroads of the World

Crossroads of the World, built in 1936, is considered by some to be "L.A.'s first modern shopping mall." Located on the north side of Sunset Boulevard, between Las Palmas Avenue and Cherokee Avenue, Crossroads of the World is a blend of architectural styles from around the world (Italian, Mexican, Turkish, New England, French). The Sunset Boulevard entrance features the centerpiece building resembling an ocean liner with an Art Deco facade complete with portholes, railings, life preservers, and decks, and with a 30'-foot Streamline Moderne tower topped with an 8-foot revolving globe. An outdoor village of small, European-style bungalows not apparent from Sunset Boulevard, surrounds the ship. The center continues back an entire block where a lighthouse protects the rear. Crossroads of the World began as a retail shopping center, but today is an office complex. While open to the public, there is now little of interest for tourists other that as a location of some recent popular period films (Indecent Proposal in 1993 and film noir L.A. Confidential in 1997) and on Sunday, Crossroads is mostly deserted.
Crossroads of the World is located at 6671 Sunset Boulevard (at Las Palmas and Cherokee),
Hollywood, CA. / (323) 463-5611

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